Premium Guardianship Service 


➢ Represent students in education or legal matters while in the UK 

➢ 学生在英期间的监护人,代表家长处理教育和法律的相关事务 

➢ Providing 24 hours emergency contact 

➢ 学生在英期间,24小时紧急情况联系 

➢ Providing SIM card and top up before arrives in the UK 

➢ 抵英之前,代买手机及充值卡 

➢ Providing long distance card before arrives in the UK 

➢ 抵英之前,代买国际长途电话卡 

➢ Assist in registering with local police, doctor and dentist 

➢ 帮助办理牙医,医生注册 

➢ Regular contact by students and colleges to the UK office assisting in resolving any difficult issues including attendance in school. 

➢ 学生和学校可以随时联系在英监护人,以便增强相互沟通解决任何难题, 包括学生出勤率, 学习困难等等. 

Academic Assistance


 ➢ Advice and arranging student’s holiday courses 


 ➢ Professional career advice on subject selection 

 ➢ 专业的职业顾问指导课程选择 

➢ Free Visit student in school once a year 

➢ 每年一次免费亲临学校探望学生 

 ➢ Translate school report and discuss with parents about student’s progress and any difficult issues

 ➢ 翻译学校报告,并和家长共同讨论学生学习上的进展及所遇到的问题 

➢ COA Career Services and assist in A-level subject selection, university direction and career guidance 

➢ 剑桥职业测评测试,科学指导学生选取高中课程,大学专业及职业分析

School Placement


➢ Assist in university application including guidance on Personal Statement, University orientation and course selection and interview technique. 

➢ 协助大学申请,包括个人陈述的书写、大学学校及专业的选择、面试辅导 

➢ Assist in A-level application including school orientation and subjects selections. 

➢ 协助高中申请,包括选择学校及课程 

➢ COA testing and career guidance

➢ 剑桥教育评估测试,科学指导学生选取高中课程,大学专业及职业分析 

➢ Assisting in applying to schools and arrange school visit. 

➢ 帮助学生选择申请学校并安排参观学校  

➢ Interview technique for School placement

➢ 提供专业,有效的学校面试指导

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