Sofia Education are based in beautiful Cambridgeshire, we have established a close working relationship with a number of fine private, public schools and universities. We determine to provide a tailored education service, from providing caring guardianship service to find a most suitable school/university for your child. We’ll help you to build a strong communication bridge between you and school. 

As your education consultant, we will base on each individual child’s talent and personal circumstance to choose the most suitable subjects and school/university. As your child’s guardian, our responsibilities are making sure your child have the smoothest and most enjoyable life time experience while they study in the UK. It is under the British schools/universities and UKBA requirement, every overseas student who under age 18 must have a guardian whose age over 25 years old. We completely understand and know how important it is for you and your child when you both are so far away from each other to have peace of mind. You can be assured that your child will be safe and happy in our care. We are currently joining the AEGIS and working towards as a strong Accredited Guardianship Oragnisation. 

Sofia Education always considers everything from you and your child’s point of view. Our professional guardianship services, local co-ordinators and our staffs have overseas study experience and teaching experience, we understand that you and your child’s feelings while apart from each other and study in a foreign country. All our staffs can also speak fluent Chinese (Mandarin & Cantoness) and English. 



Sofia Education are based in beautiful Cambridgeshire, we have established a close working relationship with a large number of private schools, public schools and universities. We are committed to providing a tailored education service, finding the most suitable school/university for your child and providing a caring guardianship service. We’ll help you to build a strong communication bridge between you and the school so you can always be up to date.

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Elite Education Consultants

Through over 10 years of experience in education, and having people in our team who have experienced overseas study we know what is important to you and your child.

Working with top UK schools, host families and providing an elite guardianship service we ensure that your child has the best possible  experience and educational success in the UK.

Our accreditations and parental testimonials are evidence that we deliver for both our student and parents aspirations.

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Private School & Universities

Sofia Education is production to be a British Council highly trusted and certified agent.

We are working together with the British Council in promoting the UK as a study destination.

Ensuring your child has the best possible home life experience in the UK is very important. We work with a wide range of families to ensure a safe, secure and caring environment for success.

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Meet our Team

Yi White is our Managing Director, with over 15 years experience in the Education sector. During this time she has worked with hundreds of students and families to deliver a bespoke and seamless experience.  

Her network of schools, universities and tutors allows us to provide an experience for students that ensures they deliver their full potential whilst studying abroad. 

Personally Yi studied in the UK after moving from China, so understands the opportunities and challenges for overseas students in the UK first hand. 

I knew the school we were sending Leon to was a strong institution, however I wanted to ensure that I could be close to his performance. Yi has helped me stay close to progress and regularly liaises with the school for Leon's benefit most recently helping with small issues such as noise in his accommodation. I highly recommend the service that Yi provides.
Mrs Hue

Contact Us:

Beijing Office – 00861 0590 45163

Registered in England (07936847)

Registered Address: 

145-147 St John Street



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